Privacy Statement GRPR May 25th 2018

Our Privacy Page has been updated in accordance with the GRPR May 25th, 2018.


We further outlay the points for a proper privacy policy the way we implemented them on our website and in our dealing with customers. The way we implement them is somewhat limited because of conscious choices in the past made to incorporate in our business policy limiting ways how we choose to ‘deal’ with customers.


Our goal is, ‘the Customer should find us because of a need for a product’. We do not feel to help create this need by means of direct mailing, publications, social media and the like. We think that means like that do limit the freedom of the Customer.

We therfore inform You, that;

1. we do not use Facebook or similar others
2. we do not use Twitter or similar others 
3. we do not use marketing solutions from Google or others
4. We do not use analytical software from Google or others

5. we do not do direct mailings to attract new Customers

6. we do not collect customer information through the phone, only via the ordering process on the website

The Next restrictions count.

- We have examined these possibilities in the past and experimented with some of them. It did not work out for us.

- direct mailing and newsletters for existing Customers is permitted by the GRPR of May 25th 2018 mentioned by ‘Legitimate Importance’ in ‘Consideration 47’, Art. 6 pt. f.

- in case we decide to implement any of the above, we will update this Privacy page accordingly.


How do we use your information?

We use your contact- and payment information only for de ordering- and payment process. These are necessary parts of any order or purchase on the website. When you buy a product on our website you initiate this process and willingly give us permission to share your contact and payment information with us. For us to be able to process your order. It is the whole of collecting your contact and payment information, store the information and use it for the automated processes, like payment and confirmation of the order.



This website is not for learning about a product. That you can do somewhere else. When you visit our website we see you as a possible buyer of our product and for which the website creates a simple cookie. To have that happen, our website provider Shopfactory/Santu has so called session and shopping cart cookies installed in the software to make the purchase process as smooth as possible. We do not use other kind of cookies often handled by special scripts.


The Right to have all your information removed 

The GRPR just gives you that right. However, we are obligated to keep all purchase information for at least 7 years for means of fiscal or other regulatory means. We of course will remove your information on request after expiration of such period. Our partners have taken precautions to make that process of removal easy and thorough.


Who are our Partners when you place an order on our website and when your order and payment information is stored and processed?


Partners for dataprocessing and storage

SANTU, for safe transfer of data, order processing, data storage and backups, by means of data encryption.

Agreement SANTU Pty. Ltd April 8th, 2018, signed by Steffan Klein


INGENICO (v/h OGONE), takes care of the interface for payment options, does not store data

Agreement Ogone dated October 14, 2009.

yment systems EMS, American Express and PayPal


(Mastercard and Visa)

Connection nr.: only for legal purpose


American Express

Connection nr.:  only for legal purpose



Account ID: only for legal purpose

Transport agency 

Agreement nr.: only for legal purpose