Frequently Asked Questions

Quantum Age products

are very unique and they are becoming available simultaneously with a new appearing era of big changes that just started. These products represent the Life Force behind everything, that which enables movement and improvement. Quantum Age products are carriers for the Life Force and are the tools for humanity during this time of reality change and grow in consciousness. Not only do they help us to change our own health and personal energy, they also help with the changes in our environment, waters and crops and contribute to a worldwide change in the way we think and act, in short.. one of a change in consciousness.


How much water should I be drinking?

The correct way to calculate ounces of good clean water you need to drink daily, is to take your weight in pounds and divide that number in half. This method provides you with the correct number of ounces of water you should be drinking each day. In many cases, dehydrated people are drinking the correct amount of water , but they are drinking a poor source of water or a product with too many other additives to hydrate them correctly.

Example: if you weigh 136 pounds, dividing that in half gives 68. So in this case one should drink 68 ounces and which is 2 litre of good clean water each day.


What material is used to develop the wands?

The Wands are made of one of the following medical grade PolyCarbonat resins: GE Lexans, Mitsubishi Lupilon, Bayer Makrolon. This material is the same that is used for artificial hips and is indestructible. In the wands there is a Mix (c) of special Minerals (c) with a High Matrix Frequency. 


Who can use Quantum Age water?

It may be used by everyone! Let me tell you about the way this water attracts. David S., one of the founders, has a waterwell where he lives down the woods. He tells how in the beginning wild animals went to the stream to drink water and when he came out of his house they went away being scared. Later on when the wands became part of his life, he decided to upgrade the water of the well with the Quantum energy. David was amazed to find out how all the wild animals, and many more than before, came to the well to drink water while they watched him with gratitude and without wanting to leave and that more and more are coming to that place to drink this water.


How to use the Stirwand?

  • Stir water from a glass to a gallon for 20 seconds before drinking
  • For beverages, stir to taste
  • Wash with a mild soap only
  • Do not microwave
  • Do not cook
  • Great for all of your pets' food and water, or watering wildlife and livestock
  • Will not over-charge water if left in glass or container